Haboob in Arizona

I have not been updating my blog as I am a little behind in processing my photographs. I’m back and will be posting my travels and photography of Southwest USA. I have been exploring a number of interesting places and hope to share them with you soon.

The monsoon season is finally here – so it is the time of sandstorms, puffy clouds in the blue sky, lightning and rain. Yes, rain in the desert! The monsoon here is very different from what we get in Southeast Asia. It does not rain the whole day. The little rain we get here is short-lived but heavy enough to turn a dry wash into a rush of water. It is common to see in the news, reports of people getting stuck when they attempt to drive through the flood and have to be rescued. Some people still drive through the water although there is a heavy penalty for doing this dangerous stunt.

Last week, I managed to photograph a haboob in Ahwatukee. It was interesting to see the wall of sand approach and engulf everything in sight. There was even a faint rainbow at the edge of the haboob. No worries, I managed to get safely into the car before the sandstorm came over!





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