Fall is Here!

This is the best time of the year to be in Arizona when the temperature is about 60 degrees in the mornings. No more dry heat and three-digit temperatures! Summer has sizzled away! Cool mornings and evenings are great to be out shooting photos or just hiking along the trails.

Photographing fall colors in Arizona requires some planning and lots of luck. I usually call the National Parks and talk to the rangers a day or two before making the trip up north. It is often difficult to estimate when the colors peak. It may peak during the week and by the weekend the autumn leaves have fallen onto the ground. In the past two years, I went to Lockett Meadow at Flagstaff and West Fork at Sedona intending to catch the colors but was a little late by about a week.

This weekend, I am heading to Lockett Meadow and Hart Prairie. Hopefully, this year will be better as it seems that the colors are changing a little later. One never knows what surprises Mother Nature will reveal, so just be there!

Hurrah! Fall is in the air!


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