Month: January 2009


I have been  spending more time behind the potter’s wheel than the camera lens. It is only to be expected as now I am back home in the little red dot. No more hiking and photo trips to wild places, at least for the time being.:-(

As I have a remote interest in any of the Singapore’s favourite past-times (i.e. shopping and eating), I have to find my own worthwhile pursuit. I previously wrote about my Sunday visits to the dragon kiln. It was during one of these morning breakfasts that we decided to awaken the dragon and carry out a wood firing.

So last year, our casual group became Thow Kwang clay artists. Somehow things gained momentum and we not only had a successful 48-hour wood firing in November but also an exhibition of our wood-fired pieces. You can read about our wood-firing experience in this blog.

Here are some of my wood-fried pieces.

There is something about working with clay. It is very satisfying to see a lump of clay turned into a bowl, teacup, vase or some form or other. So I will be focussing more on pottery, perfecting my throwing and glazing skills and experimenting with the various firing techniques. Thow Kwang is my Sunday retreat, far from the maddening crowd – a place where I can relax, exchange ideas and create.


Happy Lunar New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Lunar New Year is one of the busiest festivals in Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

The once-a-year hustle and bustle begins weeks before the New Year. There is the spring cleaning at home which is akin to sweeping away the old and ushering in the new. Then, there is the shopping for flowers and festive goodies, and the preparation and cooking of favourite dishes. And family members will come together on New Year’s eve for the reunion dinner.

Here are some photos of Chinatown lights taken a couple of weeks ago. It would be crazy to try to venture into Chinatown on New Year’s eve or over the weekend.  Even the good bargains at the last hours of New Year’s eve would not entice me to  make a trip down to Chinatown.

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous year of the Ox!

Happy 2009

A few years ago I started creating photocards to send year end greetings to family and friends. The photo would depict the place where I ushered in the new year. This year, New Year is back home in Singapore with family. The above fireworks display over the Singapore skyline was shot from my apartment at the first minutes of the year.

Here are photocards from the past years: New Year 2008, Christmas 2007, New Year 2007, Christmas 2006, and Christmas 2005.