I have been  spending more time behind the potter’s wheel than the camera lens. It is only to be expected as now I am back home in the little red dot. No more hiking and photo trips to wild places, at least for the time being.:-(

As I have a remote interest in any of the Singapore’s favourite past-times (i.e. shopping and eating), I have to find my own worthwhile pursuit. I previously wrote about my Sunday visits to the dragon kiln. It was during one of these morning breakfasts that we decided to awaken the dragon and carry out a wood firing.

So last year, our casual group became Thow Kwang clay artists. Somehow things gained momentum and we not only had a successful 48-hour wood firing in November but also an exhibition of our wood-fired pieces. You can read about our wood-firing experience in this blog.

Here are some of my wood-fried pieces.

There is something about working with clay. It is very satisfying to see a lump of clay turned into a bowl, teacup, vase or some form or other. So I will be focussing more on pottery, perfecting my throwing and glazing skills and experimenting with the various firing techniques. Thow Kwang is my Sunday retreat, far from the maddening crowd – a place where I can relax, exchange ideas and create.


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