Blue Moon at Monument Valley

A once in a blue moon event! A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month, and it is doubly rare that this December it falls on New Year’s eve. I was at Monument Valley to shoot this rare occasion. I was out at sunset and waited for the moon to rise over the horizon. As this was the first time I tried shooting a moonrise, it was quite an experience. I had to shoot at one place, and then every minute or so I had to move about 3 feet down to follow the moon’s path over the Mittens. I had to do this shoot-move-shoot sequence many times over the course of an hour or so. You can call it “chasing for the moon”!:-) Yes, it was cold to be out shooting with temperatures in the 20s (deg F), but what a way to end the old year and welcome the new.

Peace, happiness to all in 2010!


Back in the Valley of the Sun

After traveling 9,160 miles, 23+ hours in 3 planes and 4 airports, I finally arrived in Phoenix – the Valley of the Sun. But there was no sun when I landed. Well, how often does it rain in the desert? Rarely! I guess I brought along the equatorial showers with me. 🙂

Since it was a Tuesday, I had to have Rubio’s tacos for my dinner.

It will be busy busy for the next couple of days meeting up with old friends before I head up north for photography. It is really great to be back! 🙂